VUB's Open-source Ventilators Project for COVID-19 Implements Odoo
Belgian research university VUB implements Odoo for its project BREATHNEY to optimize the ordering of manufacturing parts for respiratory machines.

Organisation: VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Industry: Education
Odoo Functional Consultants: 
                   Jorn De Keersmaecker (Business Partnership Consultant)
                    Julian Leonard (Business Analyst)
                    Catherine Vieslet (Head of Business Services)

Apps Implemented: Invoicing, Inventory, Manufacturing, Purchase, PLM, Rental 
Organisation size: 3900

Number of Odoo users: 10
Hosting Type: Odoo Online

VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) is a research university located in Brussels Belgium. With four campuses, it’s one of the biggest universities in Belgium. In the midst of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, the university decided to team up with Flanders Make and Audi Brussels to begin the R&D project BREATHNEY. The goal of the project is to replicate the full functionality of a respiratory machine for mass manufacturing and distribution to hospitals worldwide.

Having seen Odoo’s offer to associations on the front line of the Covid-19 fight, VUB approached Odoo for help with the manufacturing orders for the respiratory machines. Prior to implementing Odoo, the BREATHNEY project team did not have an overview of which specific parts were placed in a specific respiratory machine. Excel sheets were used for the bill of material and provided a limited overview. 

“After realising that we outgrew spreadsheets we went looking for a more specialised database. We tried some other options, but these lacked the ease of use. Then we stumbled upon Odoo and with the quick response of the Odoo team we had the database up and running in no time.”
- Michiel Vrolix, Project Lead at BREATHNEY

Odoo’s role in the project has been to implement an integrated ERP system to digitize and provide a clear overview of the spare parts ordered for the manufacturing of the medical ventilators. For this project, the following Odoo apps were implemented; Inventory, Manufacturing, Purchase, Invoicing, PLM and Rental. Odoo Inventory, Manufacturing and Purchasing app has optimized stock levels and project engineers can now register incoming spare parts. With the Rental app, the project team now has a clear overview of all the respiratory machines delivered to specific hospitals and how long they have been in use.

The Odoo implementation went smooth and within 4 days the solution was live. The project implementation took place fast thanks to the application of the Odoo methodology and a clear focus on the real need of BREATHNEY. This allowed the project scope to stay simple and therefore quickly deployed. 

“When I heard about the project that the VUB was doing, I decided to go 100% for it. Thanks to the approval from Odoo, we could launch this project as a Pro Bono. It was thanks to the excellent interaction between Odoo and VUB that we were able to quicken the implementation and let the project go live in only a few days.”     
- Jorn De Keersmaecker, Business Partnership Consultant at Odoo

The BREATHNEY project team received a strong demo from Business Partnership consultant, Jorn De Keersmaecker, and the implementation was supported by Business Analyst, Julian Leonard. Thanks to Odoo, the BREATHNEY project team were quickly able to use a system that answered all of their needs.  
VUB's Open-source Ventilators Project for COVID-19 Implements Odoo
28 四月, 2020